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In September of 2008:

Institute for Health and the Environment - The European Parliament has voted 522 to 16 to recommend tighter safety standards for cell phones, wireless communication systems, as well as electric and magnetic fields from power lines and building wiring. In light of the growing body of scientific evidence the Parliament says, "The limits on exposure to electromagnetic fields [EMFs] which have been set for the general public are obsolete."

The European Parliament "is greatly concerned at the Bio-Initiative international report concerning EMFs, which summarizes over 2000 studies on that topic and which points in its conclusions to the health risks posed by emissions from wireless devices such as mobile telephones, WiFi, WiMax and Bluetooth, and also DECT landline telephones." Further, it points out the need to "address vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, newborn babies and children."

The Mid-Term Review of the European Environmental and Health Action Plan recommends 36 specific points for improving human health. It points to changes that can improve air and water quality, and reduce exposures to toxic chemicals and EMFs that have been linked to health risks.

BioInitiative Report author Dr. Martin Blank, Columbia University professor and researcher in bioelectromagnetics says, "Cells in the body react to EMFs as potentially harmful, just like to other environmental toxins such as heavy metals and toxic chemicals. The DNA in living cells recognizes EMFs at very low levels of exposure, and produces a biochemical stress response. The scientific evidence tells us that our safety standards are inadequate, and that we must protect ourselves from exposure to EMFs due to powerlines, cell phones and the like."

The Biolntitiative Report was updated in 2012
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May 18, 2010:

Ten-Year INTERPHONE Cell Phone Study Reports Increased Risk for Brain Cancer Experts call for changes in cell phone design, warnings, ban on use by children. The study appears in the International Journal of Epidemiology. Thirteen teams from countries around the world combined their results.

Release of the final results of the ten-year long World Health Organization INTERPHONE Study confirms previous reports showing what many experts have warned – that regular use of a cell phone by adults can significantly increase the risk of glioma by 40% with 1640 hours or more of use (this is about one-half hour per day over ten years). Tumors were more likely to occur on the side of the head most used for calling. David Carpenter MD MPH, BioInitiative Report co-editor and Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at University at Albany, Rensselaer, NY says that “While this study is not perfect, the risks documented in it must be taken seriously as a warning to limit cell phone use, to restrict the use of cell phones, especially by children, and to call on manufacturers for redesign of cell phones and PDAs. It should also serve as a warning to governments that the deployment of new wireless technologies may bring risks to the public that are widespread, involuntary and increase long-term health care costs.”

With more than four billion cell phone users around the world, the potential for a brain cancer epidemic leads experts to call for changes in cell phone design, warnings, and a ban on use by children. Children are more at risk than adults from the effects of most toxic exposures in life, including both chemicals and radiofrequency radiation from cell phones. Experts are worried about the effects of radiofrequency radiation on the developing brain and nervous system of children.

May 5, 2011:

The European Union’s Committee on the Environment provided their review after considering the information in the BioInitiative Report and other subsequent studies since it was presented in 2007. The committee's report to the Parliament resulted in a passed resolution to reduce the public exposures of the European people. The report provides a great summarizing overview of the issues related to the topic.

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Below is a video interview with Cindy Sage that is a summarizes findings of the BioInitiative Report:
Below is a video interview with BioInitative contributor Dr. Olle Johansson, a scientist from the Karolinska Institute (famous for
its Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine) in Stockholm, Sweden
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Dr. George Carlo describes his understandings after a 28.5 million dollar, 6 year investigation of the health effects of EMFs with 200 researchers and 56 studies on cell phones and wireless communication devices. See the 4 part video series that describes the biological cellular effects. This lecture explains very well some of the complexities of the biological mechanisms involved in the issue. Note: The first 2 videos are audio only. For lecture series click here
Dr. Magda Havas an Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University where she teaches and does research on the biological effects of environmental contaminants. She is one of the leading researchers on EMFs.